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To all our clients worldwide, we are pleased to announce the following:
Low-cost First Class Mail shipping to countries worldwide. See our shipping cost and you’ll be surprised!
FLAT RATE Priority Shipping (10 business days) to all countries outside the U.S. is only $14.95!!
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Filipina Skin Care – Flawless is Sexy. 

Filipina Skin Care offers high-quality and effective skin care products that specialize in skin whitening.  All of our skin whitening products is especially suited for individuals who have dark spots, hyper pigmented and uneven skin tone. 

Lack of high-quality skin whitening products in the U.S. market led to the inspiration of Filipino-American businesswoman Rosemarie Rich, to import high-quality and highly innovative Diana Stalder and Belo Essentials skin whitening products.

Diana Stalder and Belo Essentials products were manufactured in the Philippines, a country well-known for their “whiter skin” obsession. Filipino skincare manufacturers are also known for using nothing but the best, safest, high-quality and most effective skin whitening ingredients on their skin care lines.

Despite our belief “black is beautiful”, dark spots, hyper pigmented and blemished skin remain unwanted. An individual’s self-confidence degrades when you look at yourself in the mirror and sees yourself with dark spots like dark underarms, bikini line and buttocks. Everyone should be able to wear a bikini or a sleeveless dress without getting conscious on other people seeing their dark spots. We made it our mission to bring you nothing but the most effective skin whitening products that will lighten and remove your dark spots that will make you look flawless.

Filipina Skin Care believes that aside from feeling good inside, all men and women should also feel and look good with their own skin. Therefore, we made it our mission to give you nothing but the best skin whitening products to make you look flawless from head to toe.

Diana Stalder and Belo Essentials do not contain Mercury nor Hydroquinone, which are known to be harmful to the skin.


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