Belo Essentials

Known as the Philippines’ “Ambassadress of Beauty”, prominent cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Vicki Belo has proven to be top of mind when it comes to the specialized field of dermatology and cosmetic surgery.

With over two decades of delivering the most advanced technology in skin and beauty care in the country, her practice has become an esteemed medical institution and industry leader.

At the heart of the Belo Medical Group’s immeasurable success is Dr. Belo’s vision: “I want to make the Philippines the most beautiful country in the world, one person at a time.” With this in mind, the Belo Medical Group focuses on the unique and special skin care needs of filipinos as well as other ethnic groups.

Beauty plans are customized for each and every patient to achieve natural results that are individualized and results-oriented. As a significant supporter of boosting Philippine medical tourism, she is well on her way to turning the Philippines into “the beauty capital of Asia.”

Being the leading medical group devoted to beauty, Belo has become very intimate with its market, and has unique insights on the needs and wants of its thousands of patients. True to her vision, Dr. Belo, with the help of her daughter Cristalle Belo Henares, established intelligent Skin Care, Inc, which aims to bring the Belo skin care expertise to every Filipino home, giving everyone a chance to be Belo beautiful everyday.

Dr. Belo and her team of skin experts have finally come up with a skin care line that specifically address the concerns of each Filipino. Dr. Belo says, “In our effort to deliver only the best products, we conducted extensive studies and various dermatological tests. Because my name is on it, I’ve made sure the product really works!”

The new formulation of Belo Essentials products possesses DermWhite PLUS, a dual action whitening technology that controls melanin production and prevents melanin transfer to the surface of the skin.

This unparalleled technology uses Glutathione, Kojic Acid, and Gigawhite – powerhouse whitening ingredients that work synergistically to achieve whitening results in just 7 days. Skin lightening effect is faster and more noticeable, resulting in that radiantly beautiful Star White glow.

Finally, every individual can live the promise of star white skin with Belo Essentials!

CLICK HERE to buy Belo Essentials and Be Belo Beautiful! 


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