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Dark Neck – Why do I have a Dark Neck? What can I do to Lighten it?

Do you like to find a way to get rid of your neck discoloration once and for all? Or learn how to whiten your neck instantly? Using the Diana Stalder products is one of the most common ways of reaching this goal.

First of all, you need to know how neck discoloration takes place. When the skin is exposed and unprotected to ultraviolet radiation, it causes enhanced production of melanin on the skin. And since areas such as arms, face, shoulders and neck are mostly exposed to the sun, there are the areas that are commonly darker and become discolored.

The Neck Darkening Process :

If you experience neck discoloration in the forms of brown patches or overall skin darkening, that is because of the melanin production is high.

This is how it goes:

Sun Exposure = Melanin Production = Skin Discoloration

Now that you have a little knowledge, you can now get rid of neck darkening through some technology machines like laser surgery and chemical peels but all these can cause skin redness and worse, a lot of skin irritation. Also, it’s very expensive! However, we have a few product recommendations that you would like to try first before going to a dermatologist and spend so much money getting rid of your dark neck.

Here’s our recommendation:

Diana Stalder Glutathione Soap

Diana Stalder Multifruit Exfoliant

Diana Stalder Whitening Toner

Diana Stalder Lightening Lotion

Here’s how to do it:

1. Use the Diana Stalder Glutathione soap to wash your body before using the products.

2. Use the Diana Stalder Multifruit Exfoliant to peel/exfoliate your dark neck. You will apply the exfoliant to your neck in 3 consecutive days without washing it. On the 4th day, after washing your body using the Glutathione soap, you’ll see that your neck starts peeling. NOTE: It is very important to follow the directions listed in the bottle. Please read it carefully.

3. Use a towel to remove the peeling skin. Do not rub it. Gently remove the dead skin cells.

4. Use the Diana Stalder Lightening Lotion or Cream after you’re done removing the dead skin cells. Let it stay on your skin for at least a few hours. You will feel a little bit of burning sensation, which is normal.

5. Use the Glutathione soap everytime you wash your body. Then use the Whitening toner on your neck and then the lotion. The regular use of these products will eventually lighten your neck. Most of our clients saw a difference after using it for the very first time, however, skin types vary. You may see a difference right away but there’s also a possibility that you’ll see it after a few weeks of using the products.

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