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Learn More of Natural Properties to Use as Dark Underarm Whitening Remedy

If you are tired of having those dark underarms that continuously lets you down and prevents you from wearing sleeveless shirts or tops because you are feeling uncomfortable, do not worry too much because there is an available help for you!

There are a lot of different causes that affect the appearance of dark underarms like the deodorant which you are using every day after bath, constant shaving or plucking or just natural fact that all joint areas of the body tend to be darker as compared to the other parts of the body.

Although most of the people use lotions, creams and laser treatment, there are some people who still prefer keeping it natural. There is lots of underarm whitening that you can make inside your house that are proven to work well in whitening the underarm.

An effective underarm whitening treatment includes curd, gram flour, lemon juice and turmeric. All you have to do is to mix them all up properly and apply it directly to your dark underarms. Leave it there for at least 20 minutes or maybe 30 minutes before you wash them off with warm water.

Although lemons are known to be the most effective natural dark underarm whitening remedy, don’t just focus on it alone. Cucumbers and potatoes are also excellent bleaching substances, all you need to do is to put them on your dark underarms and you will see your underarms start to get lighter gently.

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The Best Underarm Whitening Tips And Advises

The private body parts like the armpits, inner thighs, and the vaginal areas are always darker compared to the other skin tone. This is mainly caused by the pigmentation, stress, sweat and some other ailments. Whatever may be the cause, the treatment can be done with some simple home remedies and a little diversion in your daily routine.

Underarm Whitening Tips and Treatments:

It is not necessary to spend too much money in those expensive underarm whitening spas and clinics. Mostly of them are very expensive and tedious beauty products that will consume numerous hours of the day. Instead, you can use some basic and natural home remedies that help in minimizing skin darkening and makes it look fresher and whiter. Plus, there are no side effects in using these.

But, whatever sort of cream or lotion you choose, remember that it must not have hydroquinone. This is actually an effective underarm whitening product but it will damage your skin big time too!

Along with these underarm whitening creams and lotions, you should also take up these tips very seriously. For instance, never do hair bleaching for your underarm. It is highly recommended that you wax it before bleaching the area.

  • Scrub the armpits using a pumice stone regularly.
  • Massage it with coconut oil or Vitamin E oil.
  • Never apply scented antiperspirants on the area. Use only anti fungal non-scented powders.
  • Use natural home remedies like applying potato juice or rubbing lemon in that portion. You can also use paste of lime juice or turmeric powder.

Sensitive body parts for bleaching needs to be done with proper care and caution.

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How to Whiten Underarms – Underarm Whitening Products

From: Ash B. of Canada


I have had dark underarms since my teen years purely due to me shaving my underarms and using deodorant with alcohol content. I am 30 years old and I have tried several herbal whitening products including a one time off bleach. I am olive skin Indian gene and I want to know what is the best product for me to use?

Thank you in advance,



Hi Ash, I would strongly recommend the below Diana Stalder products for you:



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